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Collect your New Membership Card

Tennis World is excited to announce improvements in our member access and customer engagement through our new Tennis World membership cards. As part of our continual commitment to excellent customer service, we hope to better connect with our members and collect valuable information from our membership database, to not only improve the service we provide you, but the member experience you receive each time you are at Tennis World.

In order to role out our new membership cards in an effective and efficient way, we ask that you see our friendly customer service team on your next visit to activate your new card. Going forward this will mean a few changes to the way in which you access our programs and services, and we want to ensure that all members are fully aware of this process.

Your new membership card will come with the following features and benefits:

  • Personal Tennis World membership card, linked to your customer profile
  • Integrated access to Tennis World programs and services
  • Authorised signature strip to enhance security

Where can I collect my new membership card from?
On your next visit to Tennis World, please see our friendly customer service team to collect and activate your new membership card

Once I have collected my membership card, what will it be used for?
Once you have your card you will need to use it to scan in at the Tennis World reception before accessing our programs and service. This includes court hire, tennis workouts, cardio tennis, coaching programs, private lessons, gymnasiums and boot camps

What happens if I don’t collect and activate my new membership card?
Without your Tennis World membership card, access to the facility and our programs and services cannot be guaranteed

For further information on our membership conditions and privacy policy, please visit the Tennis World website or follow the links provided below:
Tennis Australia Privacy Statement
Tennis Australia’s Member Protection Policy
Tennis Australia’s Privacy Policy

We thank you in advance for your assistance and look forward to seeing you again soon at Tennis World