‘Winning Formula’ Training Camp

Tennis World presents a unique opportunity to assist talented players in realising their potential. The “Winning Formula” training camp trainers have an in-depth understanding of the stresses and immense pressures that athletes put on themselves during competition.
Each athlete will leave the camp with a greater knowledge of what it is to
give their best effort and to be the best competitor they can be!
Brett Stevens (Winning Formula trainer and camp leader) has a wealth of knowledge and experience in regards to mental toughness. A former AFL Player, Brett has also worked for over 22 years of the pro tennis circuit training Pete Sampras in his final 2 years on the tour which culminated in him winning U.S. Open grand slam singles title in his final tournament.

Dates:                 Depart Friday 18th Dec 4.00pm – Return Sunday 20th Dec 5.00pm
Location:           Mornington Peninsula
Cost:                    $450.00

The camp will include:
·         Tour Manager:  TW Fitness Advisor Jarryd Maher
·         Winning Formula trainer – Brett Stevens
·         Accommodation & Meals
·         2 Days intensive training inclusive of:
o   Understanding your WINNING FORMULA
o   Planning and goal setting
o   Mental Freshness
o   Importance of being 100% committed
o   How to be the best competitor you can be
o   Dealing with pressure
o   Techniques to reduce heart rate and calm the mind

The Cost of the Tour will cover all of the above and but does not include snacks/drinks or incidentals etc.
RSVP: Friday 20th November 2015 to John McCurdy at Tennis World – Ph 0434 073 324 Email [email protected]

For more information on any of the above please contact John directly