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French Open Switch Tournament

Get ready to switch it up!

Fri 25th May: French Open Event CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
Fri 31st August: US Open Event CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Cost: $30.00 per player

2 Divisions:
‘Open Division’ suitable for Advanced players
‘Social Division’ suitable for Beginner to Intermediate players
All players can enter a team of 2 or alternatively enter as an individual and tournament staff will pair players up with a playing partner

20 teams per division: 
5 teams per draw
Top 2 scoring teams per draw move through to knock out Quarter Final stage

What is a SWITCH Tournament?
Timed matches in (Round Robin) format
Coach feeds from side of court to 4 baseline players (1 team at each end)
After every point the team the coach feeds to ‘switches’ sides (Eg; Forehand side player moves to Backhand side and Backhand side player moves to Forehand side) ongoing each point
Players play out point and score tally is 1,2,3 etc
Every 10 points teams change ends
The idea of SWITCH is to win as many points as possible in the time

For further information, please email [email protected] or call 99144302