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Albert Reserve has kicked off Season One with a bang!

We have Introduced Tennis World’s very first ‘Tie Break Tens’ Social League on Tuesday Nights at 8 pm. Every night we have been lucky enough to have some amazing weather, no washouts and some awesome tennis. Currently, we are almost halfway through Season 1 with Round 7 coming up very soon. There has been a lot of ups and downs during the season with some big upsets and some amazing comebacks. The ladder is as stands below:

Players Currently in Top Form:

–    Andrew Hill (A Men’s)

–    Juz Lowe (Tiebreak Tens)

–    Alex Marlow (B)

–    Philip Fox (A)

–    Carla Lenarduzzi (B)

–    Nisbet Boyce (FAST4)

–    Stacey Southern (PL)

–     Brad Fenech (PL)

–     Richard Begovic (PL )


Season 3 2017 Winners

Monday Night

Fast4 –  Albert Japar & Tracey Collins

PL Mixed- Vee Senidapathy, Shannon Keough & Tijana Zoric

Tuesday Night

B Men’s-  Carlos libreros & Enrique Velasco

C Mixed- Bryce Coombe & Josh Currier

PL Men’s – Richard Begovic & Marcel Michla

Wednesday Night

A Mixed-  Shannon Keough & Dianne Cook

A Men’s East-  Shannon Keough &Dan Mastletto

A Men’s West-  Andrew Hill & Martin Lane

East Vs West Playoff-  Andrew Hill & Martin Lane

Thursday Night

B Mixed-  Carlos Libreros & Sze Chu

PL Men’s East- Danny Thompson & Bashir Riachi

PL Men’s West- Regan Ryan & Peter Scott

East Vs West Playoff- Regan Ryan & Peter Scott

Social Leagues 2018 Season 1

Keep your eye out for the Registration link to register for Season 2 2018 at Albert Reserve on the Tennis World Website.

2018 Social League Dates

Season 1 5th of Feb-11th of May

Season 2 21st of May-24th Aug

Season 3 1st Sep-7th Dec

Below is a list of social leagues on offer at Albert Reserve for 2018:

Monday Nights

6.15 PM Fast4 Single/Doubles

8.00 PM Premier League

Tuesday Nights

6.15 PM B  Single/Doubles

8.00 PM Tie Break Tens Single/Doubles

8.00 PM Premier League Single/Doubles

Wednesday Nights

6.15 PM A  Single/Doubles

8.00 PM A  Single/Doubles

Thursday Nights

6.15 PM B Single/Doubles

8.00 PM Premier League Single/Doubles

If you have any questions please contact Stephan Mikhail on [email protected]