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Pennant Update

Tennis World will be running Pennant Competition again in 2018 with 11 teams. This season we will have 7 Men’s teams and 4 Ladies Teams participating in the largest club competition in Australia. All teams and grades will be sent out to all players over the next few weeks with the season starting on the 21st of April.

Tennis Victoria’s Pennant competition is the largest inter-club representative competition in the country. Tennis World’s Pennant teams compete at the home venue Albert Reserve. Teams usually consist of 5-6 players however only 4 players compete on the day. Players are rostered on each week, allowing for players to have rest weeks for; injuries, holidays, work, exams, etc. All rosters are created by team captains.

Format & Scoring:
Pennant is played over a 14 week Home and Away season plus up to a month of finals.  There is a maximum of eight teams per section with singles and doubles play on alternate weeks. This year will also introduce a smaller/shorter 6 team section over 10 weeks in both the Men’s and Women’s lowest pennant grade.
Singles week consist of each team members playing one best of three sets (Rubber). Doubles weeks consist of two Rubbers alternating opposition pairing between Rubbers. A round is won by the team that accumulates the most amounts of Rubbers, if equal on rubbers then sets, & if equal on sets then games.
At the conclusion of the Home & Away rounds the Pennant Sectional Finals shall be played. In an 8 team section the teams finishing in first to fourth positions will play off as follows (1vs4, 2vs3) and in the 6 team section the team finishing first shall proceed straight into the Grade Finals Series and the teams finishing second and third shall playoff.
The winners of these playoff matches will proceed to the Grade Final Series and be seeded to compete in a series of knock out finals to ultimately playoff in their Grade Grand Final to win the Pennant grade.

Senior Bayside:

Senior Bayside is now coming to an end with 3 of our teams making the finals.  This season all our teams moved up in the sections and all had tough matches. I would like to thank everyone for participating and making this season very enjoyable to be part of.

If you would be interested in joining in on the fun of Senior Bayside please keep your eyes open for the registrations in August.

 Season Ladder Positions

Mens Section 1- 8th                                    Mens Section 2- 8th

Mens Section 4 MP- 4th                             Mens Section 4 AR- 6th

Mens Section 6 MP- 5th                             Mens Section 7- 8th

Ladies Section 2- 7th                                  Ladies Sec 3 (1)- 4th

Ladies Section 3 (2)- 8th                              Mixed Section 1- 2nd

Mixed Section 2 MP- 4th

Junior Bayside 

Junior bayside this year kicked off in February with most of our teams moving up.

All players seem to get better as the season goes on in there new teams and sections. Tennis World now has 10 teams participating in the Sunday morning competition with all our teams moving up into higher sections from last year. This is a fantastic effort by all the teams as a majority of teams made the finals last season and won Tennis World a few flags.

Ladder positions

Section 1: 7th

Section 4: 2nd

Section 5: 6th

Section 64th

Section 7: 7th

Section 8: 1st

Section 13(1) 4th

Section 13(2) 3rd

Section 16(1) 7th

Section 17: 3rd

If anyone has any further questions regarding Pennant, Social Competitions or Bayside Competitions please email [email protected]