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Head Coach Update- Dave Berthon

Dear Coaching Students,

Thank you to all the players and parents for a great term 2. The weeks fly past and sometimes our eyes don’t see the positives we are achieving on court because we are so focused on what we are trying to improve. Take a moment to think back 12 months and remember how far you have come.

Our coaching student of the term is an adult tennis enthusiast- Keith KOH. Keith is a regular around the courts sometimes coming in more than once a day! Great to see how much enjoyment people can get from this sport. Keith is a regular smiling face during cardio tennis and now also has taken on some lessons in order to crack a few more backhand winners whenever he can!

Our on court focus and coaching tip for the next term is for players to be grateful for the opportunities they are given by their families and to make the most out of every training session. It is easy for a person to say they really want to be better but it is their actions and habits when no one is watching that really shows how motivated they are.

See you next term!

Head Coach- Dave Berthon