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Tennis Victoria Pennant

Tennis Victoria Pennant

Tennis World has now been participating in the largest club competition (Pennant)  in Australia for around 8 weeks now.

All the Teams have been doing well considering all teams went up into higher grades this season.

Currently, all teams are competitive in their current grades with the majority still in a position to make the finals.

We are looking forward to the next few weeks and seeing where all teams finish. Hoping for a finals win!

Ladder Positions


Grade 3: 6th

Grade 4: 8th

Grade 5: Team 2 7th

Grade 5:  Team 1 3rd


Grade 2: 2nd

Grade 3: 4th

Grade 4:  5th

Grade 6: Team 1 5th

Grade 6: Team 2 2nd

Grade 7: 3rd

Grade 8: 7th


For more information on player statistics, ladders, fixtures etc please visit: