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Tennis Australia Commission ShootTennis World Social Leagues are available to Tennis World members and casuals. Leagues run at all venues during weekday evenings, mornings and on some weekends. All standards are welcome and players have the option of both singles and doubles grades, competitors will find themselves competing against people of a similar standard in a round robin competition, plus finals.
Participants can enter a team with a group of friends, family or work colleagues or enter as an individual and Tennis World will allocate an appropriate team. To secure a permanent position in the competitions, registrations are essential.

View the TW Social Leagues Schedule:
Melbourne Park & Albert Reserve

Sydney Olympic Park 

Canberra Tennis Centre

Payment Options:

  • Tennis World Membership: Starting from $38 per fortnight and includes leagues, access to two gymnasiums on site along with other great Member Benefits.
  •  Season Pass: $280 pass includes 12 weeks of social league and 2 weeks of finals/match play.

Melbourne Park and Albert Reserve 2017: 

Season 1: 6th Feb to 12th May
Season 2: 22nd May to 25th August
Season 3: 4th Sep to 8th Dec

Register: Call 1300 TENNIS or email: [email protected]

Albert Reserve:


Check out the Match Centre: Melbourne Park & Albert Reserve

Sydney Olympic Park

  • Season 1: February – April
  • Season 2: April – July
  • Season 3: July – September
  • Season 4: Monday 12th October – Friday 18th December


Check out the Match Centre

Canberra Tennis Centre

  • Season 1: February – April
  • Season 2: April – July
  • Season 3: July – September
  • Season 4: Monday 12th October – Friday 18th December


Wednesday Social League ENTER HERE

Friday Social League ENTER HERE

Friday Junior Match Play ENTER HERE

Saturday Junior League ENTER HERE 

Register for Canberra Tennis Centre by emailing: [email protected]

Social Leagues FAQ’S:

Q: Do I have to be a member to play in the leagues
A: No you can purchase a season pass which is $280 for 14 weeks or on a pro rata basis if you commence during the season. A Silver membership allows 1 social league per week.

Q: How long does an average night of social league take to play?
A: On average 90 mins is allocated for each league

Q: Where do I check-in with staff to play at the venue/s
A: For Melbourne Park meet at the Show Court 3 void. For Albert Reserve meet at the desk located in the clubhouse.

Q: Is parking available and included during social league play?
A: Parking is available at all venues while playing only. At Melb Park it is at the National Tennis Centre, with validation of your ticket at any Pro Shop.
When there is an event on in the Melbourne Park precinct, it may be difficult to get to Melbourne Park due to the extra traffic. We suggest you allow an extra 15 minutes travel time

Q: How do I check my scores and fixtures or register via My Tennis?
A: One of 2 ways:

1) via the iframe on the Tennis World website
2) Join tennis match centre

Q: How do I know if it is a washout due to inclement weather
A: A text message to your selected mobile will be sent once staff make a decision on playing conditions. This is sent as early as possible but only once courts become unplayable. So timeframe on this can vary.

Q: What is the ‘Withdraw on the Day’ policy?
A: If a player withdraws on the day of play and informs Tennis World, that player will be given 1 strike with a maximum of 3 for the season per player. After 3 strikes, Tennis World will remove the player from all leagues for the remainder of the season.

Q: How long do I get to warm up before a match?
A: To ensure all matches can be completed on time, warm-up periods will be 5 minutes per set.


Tennis World Social League Sponsors: Emil Braun is the official provider of all Tennis World Social League trophies

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