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Accelerate your tennis playing with one-on-one lessons at Tennis World.

Across all Tennis World Venues, we offer private lessons under the expert tutelage of our qualified Tennis World coaches. Whether you are looking for 1:1 or want to do it with a partner or friend 2:1, Tennis World has the right option for you.

Without the distraction of others, see how fast you improve and how quickly you build confidence.

If you are looking to join a social league but are lacking a little confidence, private coaching is the perfect stepping stone. Or, ready to jump up to tournament level but need to refine your skills? Private coaching. Wherever you want to take you tennis playing, private coaching can help you get here.

All that remains is finding the right class for you.



I enrolled my son in private lessons at Melbourne Park and was blown away by the service provided by his coach. We love watching tennis in our home and after the open this year, our son Jackson was begging to play tennis so we booked him in. Jackson hadn’t played before but the speed at which he started picking up the strokes and the skills was incredible. His coach was friendly and motivated him to work hard and Jackson always loved going to his lesson. He is now in regular ANZ Hot Shots Classes but the private lessons were invaluable to his game.

– Carly

I receive private lessons down at Albert Reserve  and every week. I am learning something different, getting more confident in my playing and enjoy versing my coaching in a match scenario every week. Thanks to the team at Albert Reserve for reminding me how much love tennis.

– Graham

ATTENTION PARENTS: Prior to enrolling your child in private lessons please read through the Tennis World Coaching & Competition Parent Guidelines.