Fitbit Cardio Tennis

Fitbit Cardio Tennis

Fitbit Cardio Tennis programs are a fun, social, group tennis-fitness experience for people of all ages and abilities. Cardio Tennis includes two different on court streams,  Activ8 & Play,‘ which are run by our  certified Tennis World Coaches and trainers.


Activ8  has a focus on burning calories and continuous movement. This fast paced class will improve tennis and fitness levels. Activities will cater to all levels with drills and stations set up to keep all players involved. With a maximum of 8 players on court, this class is social  and combines drills and points play to hit as many balls as possible and work up a good sweat.


Play is an efficient and motivational on court group program and is a  great option for intermediate-advanced players. Ideal for those interested in playing tennis in a short period of time without the need to organize a hitting partner. The class will include high-intensity drills as well assingles and doubles match play scenarios.


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