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Wellbeing program’s pillars – Mindfulness

Many of you would have heard about Mindfulness, maybe you practice it (hopefully you do) or maybe you find it awkward, unusual, frustrating, too hard or too airy fairy.  Research overwhelmingly supports the benefits of it and like any skill in tennis, it needs to be practised.

Many of us are either thinking about the past (what’s happened) or the future (what’s going to happen) but we need to become more present, as that’s where we actually accept what is happening in our lives.  If we are not present we then allow a huge opening for stress and anxiety to take over.

Being mindful is a skill, as important as any groundstroke, first serve etc, especially for young players who often project where they are going, instead of accepting where they are and building on it  – you don’t’ climb Everest in one go, there are stages and camps – up and back, up and back ….

Below are some links to videos that explain Mindfulness and benefits of practising it (in basic terms). There’s something for everyone – I hope.

I would encourage you to have a crack at Mindfulness, acknowledging your thoughts and letting them go is a powerful ally in today’s hectic and busy world.


  • Smiling mind app
  • Buddify app
  • Sit still for 5 mins each day for the next 10 days
  • This will sound zen-like, but sit and focus on a tree, the clouds something nature-based

Videos about Mindfulness

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Until next time,

Ben Robertson, National Health and Wellbeing Manager