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Wellbeing Warehouse by Ben Robertson­­

Wellbeing program’s pillars – Connectedness 

Can I start by thanking Dr Tim Wood for his contribution to this edition.

Please find the link to an article about the feeling of loneliness or isolation at work which has been identified as a rising wellbeing concern for businesses. Click here to view the article.

These feelings would not be uncommon in our work environments. But it’s not just about travel,  this is part of what we do, it relates to team camaraderie, collaboration, inclusion and the upside of this. The article touches on burnout from emotional exhaustion (hence the significance of Mindfulness) but it does go into the importance of social engagement (Connection) at work and the benefits this brings.

So the question is, what do you do to contribute to developing your team? This is not the sole responsibility of the Academy Manager or Wellbeing Ambassador and so the invite is there to take the lead. Is there a weekly, fortnightly,  even a monthly group activity on the calendar?

Some simple suggestions to kick things off.

  • Does the team go out for a weekly coffee together? Tools down talk about things not related to work. The walk to and from the café is invaluable.
  • a 20 min walk with others
  • a morning tea, where everyone chips in and brings something
  • eating lunch together (not at your desk)

By taking the time to have tools down and enjoying each others company we make real and genuine connection – not just work interaction.

This builds inclusion, an environment of fun and care,  and can mitigate against isolation, loneliness, disconnection and the associated issues with these.