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Junior Bayside Results

Junior Bayside 

It’s now we enter the important part of the season with finals over the next few weeks.

We would like to thank all players and parents for all their hard work over the season with the travel and managing the teams.

Congratulations to the teams who have made the finals let’s hope we can win a few flags.

An amazing effort with 8 teams out of 10 making the finals.

Ladder positions:

Section 1: 6th


Section 4: 1st

Section 5: 6th

Section 63rd

Section 7: 3rd

Section 8: 1st

Section 13(1) 3rd

Section 13(2) 4th

Section 16(1) 4th

Section 17: 2nd

Next Seasons teams have been sent off to Bayside for grading we are currently waiting for grades to be sent to us.

Once we receive grading from Bayside (usually start of July) we will email everyone in a team.          

 If anyone has any further questions regarding Pennant, Social Leagues or Bayside Competitions please email [email protected] or [email protected] (Albert Reserve).