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We would like to extend a big thank you to Ben Rogers for his work as Tournament Director over the last year at Tennis World. Ben has recently bought a house in Philip Island and now living the true “Coastie” lifestyle so congratulations and all the best for the future.

Kale Durham will be our new Tournament Director who has a lot of experience from playing a number of AMT’s in his junior days. Please make him feel welcome and any questions you have about Tennis World Tournaments please contact [email protected]

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Recent Results:

2018 Tennis World AMT Bronze June Finalists:

Event Pos. Name Club
AMT Women’s Doubles 1 Bianca Iannazzone + Talia Pati Victoria
2 Rebecca Flinn + Jessica Fowler Tasmania
AMT Men’s Doubles 1 Mario Matejcek + Vuk Skadarka Victoria
2 James Brushfield + Ryan Mclean Victoria
AMT Women’s Singles 1 Jessica Fowler Tasmania
2 Alexandra San Andres Victoria
AMT Men’s Singles 1 James Brushfield Victoria
2 Simone Capuano Victoria

Pictures: AMT Bronze Men’s Singles Winner James Brushfield (left) & Double’s Winners Mario Matejcek & Vuk Skadarka (right).

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