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Season 2 Leagues Results

With Season 2 done and dusted, we’d like to thank each and every participant that took part in Social Leagues at MP, and congratulate those that finished the season with a win.

Season 2 Results
Melbourne Park
6:30 Premier League: Myekal Benham & Brandon Park or Matt Owen & Tara Utthankorn
6:30 A Grade: Clintio Steele & Jesus Campo
6:30 A2 (Div 1) Michale Russo & Neil Bezuidenhout
6:30 A2 (Div 2) Joji Mori & Andrea Tuch

6:30 A (Div 1): Tim Colman & Darragh Ryan or Mick Lesar,  Jesus Campo, Alistair Rathbone
6:30 A (Div 2): Charles Tran & Chatai Goncu
6:30 A2: Calvin Tang, Brett Ibbott, Reza Mohammadi
6:30 B: Myles Cronin & Stephen Quedi
8:15 A: Byron Tang & Lennart Reifels
8:15 A2: Cassie Andrews & Andrew Nguyen

6:30 Premier League: Duane Merchant & Myekal Benham
6:30 A: Charles Tran, Warrick Mackrill, Manfred Cheang
6:30 A2 (Div 1): Eijiro Fukuda, Winston Ngoh, Shuai Wang
6:30 A2 (Div 2): Ashkan Aminzadeh & Reza Mohammadi
6:30 B: Jonathan Veens & Mike Capobianco
8:15 Premier League: Val Gostencnik, Jack Gostencnik, Michael Leong
8:15 A: Byron Tang & Kevin Law

6:30 A (Div 1): Clinton Steele & Lewis Jackson
6:30 A (Div 2): Robert Chan & Calvin Tang
6:30 A2: Neil Bezuidenhout & Michael Russo
6:30 B: Michael O’Regan & Declan O’Regan

Please make sure you have a Match Centre account, for more information please visit or email [email protected] for any questions.

Social League Phone numbers: (please note that these numbers only receive SMS not calls)

Melbourne Park: 0427 048243
Albert Reserve: 0428 441543

See you on court,
Tennis World Programs Team