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Albert Reserve Social League Season 2 Recap

Albert Reserve Social League Season 3 has kicked off and we’re looking forward to seeing you all on court. We would like to thank all players that participated in Season 2, we know it wasn’t easy with the terrible weather, but hope you enjoyed the season overall. Congratulations to all our winners, listed below, on taking home the championship.

Last season we had some issues with our message net service, resulting in a number of no shows. Fortunately, this issue has now been rectified and all messages are going through. If you can’t make your match, it’s important you text us on 0428441543 no later than 12PM on the day! To view your stats, fixtures and byes simply visit the Match Centre. You can create one here.

Season 2 Results

Monday Night
6:15 Fast4 –  Carlos Libreros & Sze Chu
8:00 PL Social- Vee Senadipathy, David Castricum & Alanna Marshal

Tuesday Night
B Social –  Charles Lenard & Patrick Brown
Tie Break Tens – Raymond Lee & Simon Reeves
PL Social – Tom GoldenBerg & Regan Ryan

Wednesday Night
A Social-  Nat Bates & Rohan Shukia
A1 Social-  Kenneth Wong & Ben Kwok
A2 Social-  Enrique Velasco & Carlos Libreros

Thursday Night
B Social –  Boldwin liu & Grianne O’Halloran
PL1- Rishad Sukhia & Steve Kovacs
PL2- Yuske Sata & Nori


See you on court,
Tennis World Programs Team