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Albert Reserve Pennant Recap

A big thanks to all of those who participated in Pennant this season! We hope you had fun and keep the ball rolling with Summer Bayside starting very soon.

We are thrilled to announce 3 of our teams made finals; Mens Grade 2, Grade 3, and Grade 6.

  • Grade 2 are still on court, with their semi final scheduled this weekend. Everyone at Tennis World wishes them luck for the rest of the finals.
  • Grade 3 and 6 both finished 2nd, securing a home final, however ran into some tough competition in the second week to finish their season off.

Players of the Season

  • Charlie Edgecombe – Charlie went undefeated in Grade 2 singles!
  • Amelia in Alana – After the loss of Lisa and Stacey, these two ladies came into the team and played great doubles and singles to keep them in contention all year.

Manager of the season

  • Marie Arsenin – Marie has been a superstar in her first season as team manager and looks like she’s a season veteran. Marie put a lot of effort into her team rosters and finding fill in players which can be stressful with injuries, illness etc.


Senior Bayside

Senior Bayside teams have been submitted for grading and you will receive an email shortly with team lists and grades. The season starts on 7th October.

Junior Bayside

Junior Bayside Season 1 was a great season for Tennis World with every team having fun and  many teams making it to the finals. The competition has definitely become stronger evident by the longer matches and closer games. All kids have a smile on their face when collecting balls and scoresheets in the morning and are very well mannered to staff, parents, teammates and opposition.

Bayside Season 2

Bayside Season 2 kicked off a few weeks ago and is already shaping up to be another great season. Players have been having tight matches once again and it could be a very close season as all teams are on the same amount of points. Congratulations to all so far and good luck for the rest of the season.


See you on court,
Tennis World Programs Team