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Canberra Student of the Term

Elijah Lopez is only 6 years old which may make you wonder why have I picked such a young player as student of the term. Well to put it simply, Elijah is an absolute superstar! Everybody who meets him can’t help but smile. Elijah and his two older brothers can be spotted at Tennis World nearly every day of the week, making him destined to become an incredible tennis player.
This term Elijah has become more serious about his training, he started private lessons and entered our Match Play competition on top of his regular group practices. All of his hard work is clearly paying off as we recently had a 138 shot rally!! I can’t recall ever having a rally last that long. His brothers are, as far as brothers can be, supportive and hit with him a couple of times a week even though he is still an orange ball player. It’s great to see tennis bringing siblings together and giving them something to bond over. 
I, as Head Coach, have big plans for this boy in the coming term. Maybe first JDS or interclub competition for 8 and under? But whatever might come I am just happy to see our younger players enjoying their lessons, smiling and giggling.

Arina Yakovtseva
Canberra Head Coach