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Head Coach Update Millswood

Now that Spring has sprung, the longer and warmer days create the perfect whether to get on court.

We were fortunate to have a recent visit by TA board members Phil Roberts and Janice Van Reyk who shared their thoughts on growing tennis, the game we all love. I look forward to creating new opportunities and developing current programs to better improve tennis here at Millswood. Our partnership with Scotch College will be continued in the future, as well as the Future Athletic Development Strategy (FADS) program in partnership with Tennis SA.

Our focus for Term 4 will be tactical strategies along with footwork, position and balance. When mastered, these areas can have an incredible effect on your performance.

Coaching Tip
Your Mind is your biggest weapon, everything starts with a decision. I will bring physical and mental intensity to this session. I will focus hard on my development, technical skill, tactical decision making and physical intensity.

See you on court,

Anthony Lane
Head Coach, Millswood