Coaching General Melbourne

Introducing Our New Coaches at Tennis World MP

Tennis World Melbourne Park would like to introduce to you our newest TA registered coaches, who will join our amazing team of coaches from around the world!

  • Shaun Sharp comes from a club background and has a fitness qualification to assist his TA Junior Development qualification.
  • Emma Tuddenham has a strong playing background, being a former VIS scholarship holder, and recently completed the TA Junior Development course.
  • Katherine Westbury is an impressive ex tour player who has only recently retired.

All three coaches will be valuable assets to the coaching team, and it is great to welcome two more female coaches to our community,
The team of TW female coaches is now:

  • Pavlina Ticha
  • Madison Sanders
  • Katherine Westbury
  • Emma Tuddenham
  • Ana Milosh
  • Tallie Collins

We look forward to seeing you, and our new coaches on court.

Tennis World Coaching Team