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Sleep Better, Play Better!

Did you know a good night’s sleep can be the difference between returning a serve and getting aced? People who sleep longer have faster reaction times and are better able to concentrate.

A study on collegiate basketball athletes showed those that extended their sleep had a better shot accuracy and faster reaction times. They also reported feeling better physically and mentally. (1)
This means tennis players could have greater control of their shots and return a higher percentage of shots after getting a good night’s sleep.

How can you improve your sleep routine?

  1. Minimise screen time before bed. Instead of scrolling through Facebook or watching TV, try reading a book or meditating.
  2. Go to sleep at a similar time each night.
  3. Wake up at a similar time each morning.
  4. Avoid napping during the day.


1.  Mah C, Mah K, Dement W, Kezirian E. The effects of sleep extension on the athletic performance of collegiate basketball players. Sleep [serial on the Internet]. (2011, July 1), [cited September 12, 2018]; 34(7): 942-950.