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Social League Season 3 Melbourne Park

Season 3 is underway and will run until December 6th. If you have not created a Match Centre account please register here or email [email protected] for any questions.

Footy colours themed week – Round 4 24th-27th Sep
Players are encouraged to wear their football team colours and donate a gold coin for our Footy Colours week. All funds will be donated to Fight Cancer.

National player rating system
The aim of the player rating system is to eventually provide every player across Australia with an accurate indicator of their skill level so that they can play in the most suitable league available.
The rating system also gives league administrators a tool to grade players more efficiently and with less subjectivity. Ultimately, administrators will be able to clearly promote the playing standard of their competition, allowing a player to select a league that best suits their skill level.
There are 10 rating bands with plus (+) ratings between each. A player will progress from 8 to 8+ to 7 for example. The top rating is 1+.
More information can be found here.

Fill in options
As part of your membership or season pass all players are entitled to fill in for any other league during the week at any venue. Or alternatively supply your own fill in player.. All at no additional cost.

Social League Phone numbers: (please note that these numbers only receive SMS not calls)
Melbourne Park: 0427 048243
Albert Reserve: 0428 441543
Email: [email protected]