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Millswood Tennis Centre Head Coach Update

Coaching student of the term: Zara from the Junior Development Squad group. She has made significant technical changes. Attends regularly and has fun. Works well in a group training environment. Has performed well in her club team. Nickname (the ninja) Term 1 2018 focus: Continue to build our participation base, communicate our programs and our READ MORE +

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Nutritional Tips by Coach and Sports Scientist Enrique Moya

Are all sources of carbohydrates the same?   We shouldn’t pay more attention to the macronutrient itself (Carbohydrates), it’s more important to analyse the quality of the product and where the food is coming from.    A good way to select the right food is to understand is the Glycemic Index (GI) and the Glycemic Load READ MORE +

Canberra General Melbourne Millswood Sydney

Wellbeing Warehouse by Ben Robertson­­

Wellbeing program’s pillars – Mindfulness Many of you would have heard about Mindfulness, maybe you practice it (hopefully you do) or maybe you find it awkward, unusual, frustrating, too hard or too airy fairy.  Research overwhelmingly supports the benefits of it and like any skill in tennis, it needs to be practised. Many of us READ MORE +

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Ladies Morning Tennis at Millswood

In a first for Tennis World Millwood, the ladies morning competition has been a fantastic initiative as part of our Social leagues. This season we have had 88 ladies participate in our competitions on a Monday, Wednesday and Thursday morning. Tennis World is super excited by this opportunity and will be looking to grow the ladies morning READ MORE +