Melbourne Membership

Whether you are looking to play tennis casually or regularly, Tennis World is the right place for you. Pay and Play or sign up as a member, just get hitting.

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Melbourne Park Albert Reserve 


Pay & Play

Pay and Play is not a membership, just an easy way for anyone to play at Tennis World. If you just want to play casually and unsure if you want to commit to a membership, simply pay for what you want to use, as you go.

Pay & Play Here

Program Passes

Gold members receive 8 passes per month to access any of the scheduled programs that run across Melbourne Park and Albert Reserve.

Cardio Tennis – a tennis workout program catering to all fitness levels. Our Tennis World coaches bring together a variety of cardio workouts, a range of fun tennis drills and pump out a high-energy soundtrack to keep you moving.

Gym Programs – Everyone is welcome at our Tennis World fitness classes. Expect a different exercise structure every session, with a mixture of boxing, resistance & strength training, aerobic exercises, agility preparation and tennis drills. Get your sweat one!

Ladies Tennis Mornings – Two hours on court, learn in a completely non-threatening and friendly environment. Melbourne runs Ladies Mornings on Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 9:30am and 11:30am. Ladies Tennis Mornings run for two hours and requires two passes per session.

Buy a multi-visit pass if you would rather attend on a more casual basis.


Welcome Pack

When you sign up as a new Tennis World member, receive a great selection of vouchers to use any time or to give to a friend and get them hitting as well. The guest player pass entitles the holder access on court to play with another Tennis World member. The Cardio passes are for anyone interested in trying Cardio Tennis and the 50% off a private lesson voucher are for those looking to work on their skills a little more.

Free Parking

As a Tennis World member, receive free parking when you are using the Tennis World facilities.

Guest Fees

All Tennis World members are able to book tennis courts as per their membership type and play with other members. When playing with a non-member, a guest fee applies.
Adult guest fee $12
Junior guest fee $6