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Requirements & Admissions


‘Academy players are chosen on talent and remain in the program based on attitude.’
As Melbourne’s premier Tennis Program, the reputation of Tennis World’s coaching programs are well respected throughout the country. Tennis World is the place where tennis becomes serious.
In order to protect the Tennis World brand and to guarantee a highly motivational environment for each player, all High Performance Academy athletes are required to meet standards relating to commitment, performance and behaviour.
Expectations include:
– Players are asked to attend at least 2 sessions per week and be on court for a minimum of 10 hours per week in total ( including academy sessions, private coaching and competition). Additional private lessons are strongly recommended for all players.
– Player are to compete in 10-15 tournaments annually, with a minimum of 5 state tournaments and 2 – 3 national tournaments.
– The overall attitude is also critical and Tennis World are looking for; a positive attitude towards learning and challenges, to respect other players, the coaches and the overall team spirit within the squad.


Players can be drafted to the Academy via different pathways:
1. Moving up from the Tennis World Junior Development Squad or the Tennis World High Performance 10’s.
2. Personal invitation to a trial session, invited by a Tennis World’s academy coach. Personal invitations may be offered if an overall good performance from the player or via an invitation from our talent scouts.
3. Application made by the player. This may result in a trial session and interview based on motivation before the final enrollment. To apply, please email [email protected] including a player’s profile (age, standard, ranking, performance) and explain briefly his/her motivation for joining the Tennis World High Performance Program.