Tennis World Tournament Series

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Tennis World hosts the Tennis World Tournament Series which includes a range of tournaments to suit different players, skill levels and age groups.

Entering tournaments – To enter your preferred tournament(s) please select the tournament type below and register online. If you are entering a tournament online for the first time please follow the instructions HERE

Tennis World Australian Money Tournaments (AMT’s)

AMTs are semi-professional tournaments introduced by Tennis Australia in 2006. Players of any age are invited to participate with a focus on creating quality match play opportunities. Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze and White level tournaments are available and are based on prize money levels offered at all Australian Money Tournaments throughout Australia.

Tennis World Junior Tour (JT) Tournaments

JT Tournaments provide a clear competitive pathway for aspiring tennis players. The JT tournaments offer Australian Ranking points across 5 levels, Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze and White with age groups 12/u, 14/u and 16/u, giving all juniors the opportunity to obtain an Australian Ranking.

 Tennis World Junior Classic (JC) Tournaments

JC Tournaments provide a structured way for junior players to gain competitive match practice in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Matches are single set with no-advantage deuce and involve all players competing in multiple matches throughout the tournament.



Q: How do I contact the Tournament Director?
A: Call 1300 TENNIS (select your venue) or email [email protected] for Melbourne Park. For all other venues, you must contact the centre directly. 

Q: Where do I check in for Tournaments at Melbourne Park?
A: Either the Show Court 3 Tournament Void or if the Tournament is based at the National Tennis Centre check in at the NTC Pro Shop on level 2 (click here to view map).

Q: How and where do I check the Australian Rules and Regulations of Tournaments?
A: Click here to view the document. 

Q: Is parking included and free when participating in tournaments? 
A: Parking is available at all venues while playing only. At Melbourne Park your parking ticket can be validated at the level 2 Pro Shop. Due to Events taking place at Melbourne Park at times it may be difficult to get a car park so please allow an extra 15 minutes of travel time.

Tennis World Tournament Series Sponsors:

emil braunEmil Braun have been a sponsor of Tennis World Tournaments since 2011 and provide all Tennis World Tournament Series trophies


Australian Tennis Magazine is the major sponsor of the Australian Money Tournament Series run at Melbourne Park