ANZ Tennis Hot Shots

untitledANZ Tennis Hot Shots is a tennis program designed specifically to meet the needs of children. With the inclusion of smaller courts, and modified equipment; lighter racquets and low-compression balls it makes tennis fun and easy to learn for young children.
There are four stages of the  ANZ Hot Shots Program – Blue, Red, Orange and Green – targeted specifically to select age groups and levels.

Hot Shots Competencies

Features Blue Stage Red Stage Orange Stage Green Stage
Age 3-5 years old 5-8 years old 8-10 years old 9+ years old
Level Motor Skill Development Beginner Basic Tennis Skill Development Development
Equipment Small court, mini net, small racquet, low compression ball Small court, mini net, small racquet, low compression ball Half-court, small racquet, low compression ball Full court, junior racquet, low compression ball
Duration 30 minutes 30 minutes 60 minutes 60 minutes
Focus The program will help to stimulate motor skill development, build strength, balance and general coordination. Introduction to tennis, body coordination, spacial awareness, group interaction, self-confidence, fun Develop technique, ability to rally, body coordination, challenge & concentration, group interaction, self-confidence, fun Consolidate technique and swing patterns, game strategy, develop physical skills, discover the game, rules and type of competition

There are various levels within each coloured stage. Tennis World coaches will determine when players are ready to move from one level to the next.

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Melbourne Park and Albert Reserve email- [email protected]

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Canberra Tennis Centre- [email protected]

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Prior to enrolling your child in the program please read through the Tennis World Coaching & Competition Parent Guidelines.


Lucas has just completed his first year in the Hotshots program at Tennis World.
Over the past 12 months Lucas’s improvement as a player have been dramatic.  He has shown a vast improvement in technique, control and consistency and is now making strong progress in tactical game play as it is introduced in lessons. We believe the Hotshots program is ideal for Lucas’s development; the lessons are engaging, challenging, and most importantly – fun!  He is learning with a group of children his own age, which we believe, is a cornerstone to the programs success.
Hector; an enormous thanks to you personally, and also the other Tennis World coaches and staff.  Your dedication and guidance that has given to Lucas has been invaluable and is greatly appreciated by us.
– Chris, Priscilla & Lucas 2015

This is a great environment for tennis fun and learning. Loved the different ways of incorporating tennis skills into fun games for younger kids, particularly moving side to side. The highlight for my 4 year old son was trying to pick up the tennis balls by carrying them on his racquet. It was also great to see the older classes running at the same time so you could see the potential progression with regular classes.
– Louise (Kidspot Review) 2015

My kids love their tennis lessons at Tennis World. The indoor National Tennis Centre is a great place to have the lessons (inside out of the weather). The coaches are wonderful and keep each week fun for the kids. I have noticed a huge improvement in their tennis since staring in January.
– Jane 2015