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Q: How long does it take for my membership to be active after I sign up?
A: If you become a member online, membership will instantly activate. If you submit a membership application form in person at any Tennis World reception or if you send the form back via the [email protected] email it can take up to 24 hours to become active. All new members will receive a welcome pack and confirmation email informing you that your membership is active. 

Q: How do I receive any information about booking online, timetables and other membership details?
A: A membership pack will be given to all new members with detailed information relating to all Tennis World programs, member benefits and booking information. Members will also receive a membership card with a bar code that is linked to your member profile. Find out what is in the welcome pack here.

Q: Why do I need to check in with my membership card at the Tennis World reception?
A: We kindly ask all members to check-in prior to accessing all Tennis World programs and services. This allows our staff to identify you and ensure that you have an active membership. It also helps us to keep accurate attendance records so we can continue to improve our programs and services going forward.

Q: Can I bring a guest to play with me when I book a court?
A: All members are welcome to bring guests in to play with them.  Guests are required to pay a guest fee of $12.00 to the Tennis World reception upon check-in or $6 in Darwin.

Q: Does my membership permit me access to other Tennis World venues?
A: All Tennis World Members have access to other Tennis World venues throughout Australia. If you are travelling to another state and would like to use the facilities there, please contact your venue Membership staff to be issued with a reciprocal rights visit pass. 

Q: Can I park all day at Melbourne Park as a Tennis World member?
A: Parking all day for non-tennis purposes and requesting ticket validation (Melbourne Park only) is in breach of membership and parking conditions and you risk immediate membership cancellation.

Q: Does Tennis World have lost property? 
A: Lost property will be kept for two weeks from the time it is handed to reception. Contact Tennis World for further questions. 

Q: Do I have to pay for parking at Tennis World Venues?
A: Parking conditions below.

Melbourne Park – parking is available at the National Tennis Centre Entrance D Car Park (parking ticket to be validated at reception by one of our staff members).
Albert Reserve – parking is available on Hanna Street.
Sydney Olympic Park – parking is available off Rod Laver Drive.
Canberra – free parking onsite for those using our tennis facilities.
Launceston Tennis World  – onsite parking.
Adelaide Tennis World – limited street parking but a small parking lot inside the entry.
Darwin Tennis World – free parking onsite for those using our tennis facilities.


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Q: What is the cancellation policy for court hire once payment has been made?
A: A minimum 24 hours prior notice must be given for you to be entitled to a replacement booking. No refunds are available for prepaid bookings.

Q: If I make a phone booking, does a payment need to be made up front?
A:  For all indoor court bookings, full payment must be made over the phone due to a high demand for indoor courts. This does not apply to outdoor court bookings. 

Q: What is the policy for wet weather conditions?
A: If your booking cannot take place due to wet weather, Tennis World will offer you a credit or refund for the booking. If you are only able to play on court for more than half of your booking – due to wet weather, Tennis World will offer you a credit for the session.


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Q: Can I suspend my Tennis World membership? If so, what are your suspension conditions?
A: Yes, you can suspend your membership with Tennis World. Our suspension conditions are as follows:

All suspension requests should be given in writing at least a week before the start of the suspension date- email [email protected]
MIN – 14 day
MAX – 3 Months (12 weeks)
All suspensions incur a $0.33 per day suspension fee ($4.62 a fortnight)


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Q: How much notice do I need to give to cancel my membership?
A: You can cancel your membership anytime. Memberships can be cancelled by providing 14 days written notice [email protected]

Q: Will I have to pay a cancellation fee?
A: No, you will not be charged a cancellation fee.


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Q: How many Cardio Tennis sessions can I book per day?
A: Gold members can book a maximum of 2 Cardio Tennis sessions per day, via our website in line with the current 14-day window. However, an extra class may be booked on the day only via reception if space is available. This way we can ensure all of our members have an opportunity to book, and that all of our classes are being consistently attended.

Q: What happens if I book into a Cardio Tennis session and I don’t show up on the day?
A: Tennis World has a strong policy around non-attendance or “No Shows”. If 3 No Shows occur within a month, your membership will be suspended for 2 weeks. This policy is in place, so there are no empty spots in our sessions and will ensure that all members have an opportunity to participate.

Q: As a Gold Member can I get a session back if I cancel a booking?
A: Due to the popularity of the program across venues, we ask that all members cancel a session as far in advance as possible. This avoids no shows and gives other members an opportunity to participate. All Gold members will have a visit returned to the monthly allocation if is cancelled 24 hours before the session time. Cardio “no shows” – if you do not notify us of your cancellation within the 24-hour time frame, you will be deducted an extra visit from your monthly allocation, in addition to the unattended session.


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Q: Do I have to be a member to play in the leagues?
A: You can purchase a season pass which is $280 for 14 weeks or on a pro rata basis if you commence during the season. A Silver membership allows 1 social league per week while God members can access two per week. 

Q: How long does an average night of social league take to play?
A: On average 90 minutes is allocated for each league.

Q: Where do I check-in with staff to play at the venue/s?
A: See where to check in here.

Melbourne Park – The Margaret Court Arena Tournament desk unless otherwise mentioned. See pin here.
Albert Reserve – The front desk at the club house. Map here.

Sydney – The front desk entry off Rod Laver Drive. Map here.
Canberra – The front desk at the club house. Map here.
Adelaide – The front desk at the club house. Map here.
Launceston – The front desk at the club house. Map here.
Darwin – The front desk at the club house. Map here.

Q: Is parking available and included during social league play?
A: Parking is available at all venues while playing only. At Melbourne Park it is at the National Tennis Centre, with validation of your ticket at any pro shop.
When there is an event on in the Melbourne Park precinct, it may be difficult to get to Melbourne Park due to the extra traffic. We suggest you allow an extra 15 minutes travel time.

Q: How do I check my scores and fixtures or register via My Tennis?
1) via the iframe on the Tennis World website
2) Join tennis match centre

Q: How do I know if it is a washout due to inclement weather? 
A: A text message to your selected mobile will be sent once staff make a decision on playing conditions. This is sent as early as possible but only once courts become unplayable. So timeframe on this can vary.

Q: How do I re-enroll for next season?
A: All players are automatically re-enrolled into next season. If you do not wish to continue please let our Social Leagues team know at [email protected] before the start of the next season.  If you want to cancel your membership you must do so in writing to [email protected], if you do not notify us your membership will continue to be debited. 

Q: What is the ‘Withdraw on the Day’ policy?
A: If a player withdraws on the day of play and informs Tennis World, that player will be given 1 strike with a maximum of 3 for the season per player. After 3 strikes, Tennis World will remove the player from all leagues for the remainder of the season.

Q: How long do I get to warm up before a match?
A: To ensure all matches can be completed on time, warm-up periods will be 5 minutes per set.


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Q: What do I need to bring to my first session?
A: You will need a drink bottle, racquet, sunscreen, hat and appropriate tennis shoes. If you need any assistance our coaches and front of house team to help you with our wide range of racquets to suit all styles.

Q: What are the benefits of being on direct debit?
A: Being on direct debit is a cost effective, hassle free payment option. This method of payment allows access to Saturday Tennis Hot Shots Leagues, weekend external competition and 10% off discount on all Pro Shop products. To transfer payments from term payment to direct debit please contact your local venue. 

Q: How do I sign in for my lessons?
A: For your first lesson visit the Pro Shop/Cafe on site to receive your coaching card. This card must be scanned BEFORE each lesson. Students who have not scanned in will be asked to leave the lesson and be instructed to go back to the front desk to scan in.

Q: Who do I notify if I lose my coaching card?
A:If you have lost your card please email your venue. For Melbourne Park: [email protected]; Albert Reserve: [email protected]; Sydney Olympic Park: [email protected] and Canberra: [email protected] and a new card will be made before your next lesson, and left at the front desk for collection. 

Q: What are the benefits of being a Junior Group Coaching student? 
A: The benefits are that you get 1 hour per day off-peak court hire (Monday- Friday before 5pm and Weekends, excluding Public Holidays), 10% Pro Shop merchandise, Guaranteed place in next terms  group coaching lesson, Automatic enrollment to next term hassle free, free entry into weekend competitions. (In Melbourne this includes Bayside and Pennant, and gym access for students over 16 years of age) *This does not include adult group coaching

Q: I am interested in court hire – is this included in junior group coaching and private lessons?
A: All junior group coaching on direct debt includes off-peak court hire. All private lessons and  group lessons (term payment) do not include court hire and will require a casual payment or membership.

Q:My child is interested in playing competition who do I contact?
A: For all competition enquiries in Melbourne please email [email protected] or call 9914 4310. For Sydney email [email protected] and Canberra email [email protected]. See here for more information on competitions.

Q: Who do I contact for coaching enquiries?
A: For all Melbourne Park related enquiries please email [email protected] or visit reception located at the National Tennis Centre pro shop. For Albert Reserve please contact [email protected] or visit the centre. For Sydney Olympic Park email [email protected] or visit the pro shop/café, for Canberra Tennis Centre email [email protected] or visit the centre. 

Q: How do I register my child for a league?
A: All registrations must be done online. To do so, please visit here

Q: What is the refund and cancellation policy for lessons?
A: Enrolling in a coaching program is a commitment to the full term. After the coaching term you can cancel by giving 14 days written notice prior to the commence of a new term. If you are unable to make a lesson during the term a written response to cancel a lesson must be made 24 hours in advance to [email protected] (Melbourne Park), [email protected] (Albert Reserve), [email protected] (Sydney), [email protected] (Canberra). Students who are unwell and cannot attend on the day must send an email of a medical certificate. If you do not provide Tennis World with 24 hours’ notice you are not entitled to make up a lesson. Any session must be rescheduled during the relevant coaching term, makeup lessons will not be carried over to the next coaching term subject to coach availability. If possible Tennis World will reschedule a make-up lesson for a cancelled session but is under no obligation to do so. Please note that make up sessions are not offered for group classes that are missed by the student. 

Q: Can I request a coach?
A: You may request a coach but is subject to availability.

Q: What is  Hot Shots?
A: Hot Shots is a Tennis Australia National Program aimed at kids aged 3-12 with modified balls to enhance their development. For a detailed explanation of the Hot Shots program, please click here.

Q: What is the Tennis World Coaching pathway?
A: Tennis World provides a range of coaching programs to a broad client base across all levels. Our programs are fun, innovative and consistent in delivery with a commitment to teach clients about all aspects of tennis. We aim to provide excellence in customer service to all clients and provide a fun and rewarding experience in all lessons. Click here to view the coaching pathway.

Q: What times are group coaching sessions available and what does it cost?
A: To find our current vacancies in Melbourne email [email protected] or visit the coaching desk Monday-Thursday 4-7pm and Saturday 9-1. For Albert Reserve email [email protected], for Sydney Olympic Park email [email protected] or visit the coaching desk Monday-Friday 8am – 10pm or Saturday and Sunday 8am – 6pm. For Canberra email [email protected] or visit the desk. 

Q: Where will my lesson be?
A: To find out the court location please scan in at the front desk. Please be aware courts may change due to weather or other department requirements.

Q: What is the process if my direct debit payment fails?
A: All students must be financial to be allowed on court. Tennis World has the right to refuse court access to students who have an outstanding amount on their account. If your debt fails you will be notified by SMS. To make a payment please call 1300 TENNIS or pay on your online account.

Q: How do I pay overdue balance via online coaching account?
Step 1: Log in at
Step 2: Use your email as your username with temporary password Tennis16
Step 3: Access your email to activate account
Step 4: Select relevant venue
Step 5: Under my profile tab select ‘My Account’ to view balance.
Step 6: Pay overdue amount via credit card

Q: What is a Multi-Visit pass?
A: Multi-visit pass is a ten pack of lessons that are discounted at 10% and can only be used during off-peak times (before Monday-Friday 3:30-9:00 and Saturday 9:00 -1:00pm). There is no membership discount off already discounted multi-visit passes for private lessons.

Q: What do I do if my credit card details have changed?
A: If you would like to update your credit card details, please contact our staff by calling 1300 TENNIS where we can update your details for you.

Q:What is the wet weather and makeup lesson policy?
A: Tennis World will notify you by SMS if the lesson has been cancelled. If your lesson is cancelled, Tennis World will then notify you when make-up lessons are available for you to attend. Sessions that are washed out after half the allotted time will count as a full session.

Q: How do I change classes?
A: You may change your class to a different day or time if there are vacancies by emailing [email protected] (Melbourne Park), [email protected] (Albert Reserve), [email protected] (Sydney) or [email protected] (Canberra). 

Q: Can I join an extra coaching class?
A: Yes, to join an extra class for Melbourne Park email [email protected], Albert Reserve email [email protected], Sydney [email protected] or Canberra [email protected] and you will receive 10% discount on your second class.

Q: How do you provide feedback?
A: Tennis World endeavors to provide the best possible service across all programs we deliver and in doing so welcome all feedback across all of our services. To provide any feedback for Melbourne Park email [email protected], Albert Reserve email [email protected], Sydney email [email protected] or Canberra email [email protected].


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Q: How do I contact the Tournament Director?
A: Call 1300 TENNIS (select your venue) or email [email protected] for Melbourne Park. For all other venues, you must contact the centre directly. 

Q: Where do I check in for Tournaments at Melbourne Park?
A: Either the MCA tournament office or if the tournament is based at the National Tennis Centre check in at the NTC Pro Shop on level 2 (click here to view map).

Q: How and where do I check the Australian Rules and Regulations of Tournaments?
A: Click here to view the document.