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Set up your Match Centre?

We hope you have enjoyed Season 1 of Social Leagues at Tennis World. With our best weather to date, we have been fortunate enough to see minimal match interruption across Melbourne Park and Albert Reserve. To get the most out of your Social League experience we would like to introduce to you Match Centre – an READ MORE +

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Tennis World Melbourne Park & Albert Reserve Tournaments

Tennis World Tournaments: We would like to extend a big thank you to Ben Rogers for his work as Tournament Director over the last year at Tennis World. Ben has recently bought a house in Philip Island and now living the true “Coastie” lifestyle so congratulations and all the best for the future. Kale Durham READ MORE +

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Junior Bayside Results

Junior Bayside  It’s now we enter the important part of the season with finals over the next few weeks. We would like to thank all players and parents for all their hard work over the season with the travel and managing the teams. Congratulations to the teams who have made the finals let’s hope we READ MORE +

General Melbourne Membership Programs

Tennis Victoria Pennant

Tennis Victoria Pennant Tennis World has now been participating in the largest club competition (Pennant)  in Australia for around 8 weeks now. All the Teams have been doing well considering all teams went up into higher grades this season. Currently, all teams are competitive in their current grades with the majority still in a position READ MORE +

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Wellbeing Warehouse By Ben Robertson

Wellbeing program’s pillars – Resilience. Grab a coffee/tea sit back and ponder the messages in this clip focussing on Resilience. When speaking to many of our athletes, Resilience is considered a key foundation to their success – in and out of tennis. Much of what Andrew talks about in the clip is what we are building towards within the READ MORE +

Coaching General Melbourne Membership Programs

Coaching Makeup Lesson Policy

There have been recent requests for credits and makeup lessons. Any coaching paid via direct debit is charged fortnightly, as your spot is held regardless of attendance these charges will not be credited or refunded. However, makeup lessons can be provided where notice is given as per the following terms and conditions (click here to READ MORE +