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Swan Street Bridge works Update

There has been an update on the Swan Street Bridge works. From Saturday (24/6) 10 pm until Sunday (25/6) 5 am there will be a closure to Batman Ave inbound traffic from the Swan Street Bridge. Vehicles can still head from the city on Batman Ave including a right turn onto the bridge. However, there will READ MORE +

Coaching General Melbourne Membership Programs

Students Travelling Overseas

A number of Tennis World participants have toured overseas at the end of this term to assist in the overall development of their tennis. Qian Sun has travelled to China to compete in some ITF junior events whilst Timmy Karpinski and Selam Ouliaris are playing and training in Spain from June-July. In addition, former Tennis World READ MORE +

Coaching General Melbourne Membership Programs

John McCurdy’s Coaching Tip

Generally, it’s good if we can cut down our opponents time by taking the return of serve early.  We do however see many of the leading players returning from a long way behind the baseline so it’s important to consider this as an option. Some advantages of returning from well behind the baseline are: It’s more READ MORE +

Coaching General Melbourne Membership Programs

Junior and Senior Bayside

The Bayside Finals have come and gone. Congratulations to all the teams on their amazing efforts this season, you have all played some ace tennis through the last few months. Well done to Ladies Section 2 (Fiona Reilly (c), Karla Dahm, Aileen Lord, Rebecca Cooper, Carla Reid and Amelia Miller) Fi said, “We had an READ MORE +

Coaching General Melbourne Membership Programs

Join Activ8 this Winter!

Cardio Tennis ‘Activ8’  Sessions available: Tuesday 6:30pm & 7:15pm Thursday 11:30am, 12:15pm, 11:30am & 12:15pm Friday 11:30am & 12:15pm ‘Activ8’ as part of our Fitbit Cardio Tennis stream has a focus on burning calories and continuous movement. This fast paced class will improve tennis and fitness levels. Activities will cater to all levels with drills READ MORE +