Hot Shots Play: Elevating Junior Tennis at Tennis World

22 March 2024

Join the Fun of Tennis with Our Coloured Ball Play Sessions – Where Learning Meets Play!

We’re thrilled to announce the inclusion of the Hot Shots Play into our curriculum, following its successful introduction at our Open Day. Launching in the first week of Term 2, the inaugural session will be on Sunday, 21st April. Red and Orange Ball sessions will be hosted at Melbourne Park whilst Green Ball sessions will run out of Albert Reserve.

Junior members can enjoy these play sessions for free as part of their membership ($11 per week), while casual players can join for $15 per session. Additionally, Junior Members benefit from a 10% discount on group coaching and receive one hour of off-peak court hire.

What is Hot Shots Play?

Coloured Ball Play is a great way to take that next step in your tennis journey with the guidance of our qualified coaching team. It doesn’t matter if you are using a red, orange or green ball, these sessions are a great way to make friends, while continuing to develop your game.

Sessions are a flexible and unstructured format of match play with FUN, FAIR PLAY & RESPECT being the key Principles of each session. Players compete in a supervised environment with guided discovery to ensure they are learning how to PLAY (and score).

👟 Lace Up and See You on Court!