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The Australian Open Ball kids are an integral part of our favourite summer event and the Australian Open prides themselves on the delivery of a high quality training program for all participants. The high standard of the Ball kids can only be achieved by way of rigorous on-court training and we are now looking to


The second round of the Pennant final were played on Saturday (16th August). The Grade 2 Men’s survive another hard battle, this time against Beaumaris other Grade 2 team. Tyler and Valerio were on a mission, taking out their doubles 6-0 6-1. On the other court it was much closer and one break sealed the


Combine your training with an excellent secondary education In 2015 Tennis World is working in partnership with Auburn High School to offer a full time High Performance Program that enables players to combine their tennis training with a high quality secondary education.  Auburn High School offers timetable flexibility to support this program, with players attending